Thursday, May 30, 2013

Screen time

How do I put it? I wouldn't normally say anything like this. Let me start by saying I have tremendous respect for my in-laws. But when they do not respect my wishes when it comes to how my 2 year old should spend his time at home, and give him way more screen time than I would ever allow, it does start to agitate me.

After maintaining a tight discipline on how much time he spends on the Ipad or laptop, within 1 month of being "spoilt", he screams for the Ipad the moment he sees it! The laptop is meant for him, and the TV must play songs he likes. There cannot be any other way!

It saddens me, sometimes irritates me, but mostly I feel bad when his innocent face asks for "Wheels on the bus", and in a few seconds he is crying, with a face full of  tears and all the drama that comes with it, when I refuse to give him the Ipad.

It will take some patience and many tears to "reform" him. But its got to be done.