Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas markets in Zurich

Christmas markets in Zurich

Let me start the post, and indeed this blog with the best wishes for the new year! The past few weeks have been so full of festivity and fun (and a lot of food!), and the cities decked up with Christmas trees and all the bling that comes with it :-). Like most European cities, we had a wonderful Christmas market here in Zurich with so many cute little shops selling everything from candles and bouquets to wooden choir boys and teddy bears to, of course, the
Gl├╝hwein (mulled wine), stollens and raclette! Surprisingly, a lot of the people that had set up shop here told me that most of them do not make any real profits and yet come year after year only to keep the community spirit alive, and to network. Surely Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without these beautiful markets...Well, almost.. if you don't listen to the hoards of adverts announcing Christmas discounts, and sales in the stores urging you to open up those fat and not-so-fat wallets in the festive spirit..
Anyways, here is a snapshot of those beautiful markets.

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