Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our friend in Santorini

Do you like pets? Have you ever had one?
I have never had any pets, so maybe for that reason, it doesn't seem an appealing idea for me. But there are instances when I think maybe I should have one.
We were running late for our flight from Santorini to Athens, and there was no cab in sight. We decided to walk back to our hotel from Fira to Imerovigli. For some reason, a dog on the way decided to accompany us. And I kid you not, he accompanied us for the entire distance of about 5 kilometers or so! Seriously! Its not that we had offered him some food or patted him or shown any kind of affection..we had done nothing at all! I even checked if I had something with me that it could be after. But no..I had nothing.
It kind of seemed like a protective instinct or something..until we got into the car, the dog was with us.
We were in a hurry, so couldn't really take any pictures of the dog, but there was a lazy cat sleeping somewhere on the streets of Santorini that hubs took a few pictures of earlier that day. Isn't it cuddly?


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