Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Knock Knock

Knock Knock!
Anybody there?

No one..hmm. I thought as much.
Ok, maybe someday this space would give me friends from far and wide. Until then, let this be my personal diary read by me alone.

So today I think I was able to put my finger on the 2 things that have been bothering me with respect to my job lately
  • Not really getting the learning I had hoped to. I am just going on like a worker bee, with not much to add by way of skill sets or knowledge.
  • A boss that doesn't want to budge from his pre-conceived notions. He has opinions that he believes are facts! Sorry boss, but what you think aint makin it a fact, buddy!
Thats all for today!


  1. I'm here! ;) I subscribe to your blog and was catching up today when I noticed you posted a recipe for cronuts, but now that post is gone!

  2. :)
    Thanks Amanda for visiting, and for the comment. Yes, I deleted that post. Will post it again later..