Thursday, August 15, 2013

We fight most with people we care for most

In the middle of a very stressful day at work, where I am attempting to multi task several things, I miss having lunch. I was hungry, but the deadline had to be met, so I skipped it.
The hubby calls - which is quite unusual during the working hours. Just to say 'Hi'.
I should feel happy, and spend a few minutes catching up, checking in if all is ok, and how come he is calling me. Instead, I blurt out "What is it? I am busy."

Actually, I am hungry, tired, and busy. But I do not stop to appreciate that someone I meet everyday called in just to say Hello, are you doing ok. I know you would be stressed out, so I just called up to help you calm down.  

My tone says I am stressed, but I turn it into anger. "I am busy, I don't even have time for lunch. Tell me if there is anything you want from me, else I am hanging up".

What a way to treat the people who love you most. Who you love the most. People you care for. We take them for granted. Not sometimes, but most of the times. I know I do.

We fight most with the people we care for the most. And we should acknowledge that, and then change that. 

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