Friday, September 28, 2012

Barfi gets an Oscar nomination!

First, apologies on 2 accounts
- This space is fast becoming a bollywood movie talk 
- If you follow Bollywood news, you'd be yawning - this is old news already!

Ok, so Barfi got an Oscar nomination! Isn't that wonderful! I know everyone who has seen the movie has been raving about it - about its story, its performances, its positivity!

Image courtesy| Business Today

Nothing much to add here - I am very happy for this movie getting an international audience now - it deserves to be seen by the world!

And good going for Priyanka Chopra - an international album, and now recognition by way of this movie. Congratulations PC!

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  1. cool I love bollywood films will try and watch this one thanks for the tip and thanks for visiting my blog Rebecca