Friday, September 28, 2012

It was a bummer

If there is anyone other than myself reading this blog, here is an update on the presentation on Friday that I was so scared about. 

It was a bummer.

I prepared my presentation, shared it with the boss on Thursday morning. He called me in the evening and said that I need to include a lot more material. And cover more topics. So I kind of panicked. Called up my husband to pick up the kid from day care and go home so I could stay late at work and finish off the presentation.
I did that - was up till 1 am. Woke up at 7 the next morning, and pictured myself presenting, made a few modifications and I was all set. Nervous, but prepared. 

I sent out the presentation to the boss, and left for work. 15 minutes before the presentation, the boss sent me a presentation - containing the same material I had covered. But this one was prepared by him. I asked him what it was.
He said since he didn't receive the updated presentation from me till midnight, he woke up at 5 and prepared it himself. Since this was a big decisive meeting, he didn't want to take chances and wait for the last minute for my presentation. What if it was not up to the mark?

Valid concerns from a manager's point of view.
So he presented instead of me..
I spoke for 5 minutes. That's all.

I was sort of bummed. Lesson learnt - Keep your boss updated at every step. Think from his point of view as well sometimes. 
Ah, well..

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