Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let it out!

Since my last post, I think I am walking with a halo around my head. 
I have come to realise something that I have always read, have always been told, but only when you actually do it, you get that awakening - "Yes, they were right!"

Let it out! If there is something that is eating you up inside, something that is bothering you, has frustrated you, making you angry - do not leave it inside you. Speak it out! 
If you can't - like I could not - being new in the job, trying to create an impression etc, I was finding myself getting depressed with some of things I was being subjected to.
And then, I wrote it out. I let out my frustration. Better still, I visualised a punching bag with her face on it..haha!

I think I can conquer the world now. 

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